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The Tracking Hike into the Mineral Hills was wonderful, click here to see the pictures from the blog.IMG_1173


Hey Everyone,  I noticed that many of my friends were being unsafe at the Cape this summer while enjoying the water.  I did some research and came up with a shirt that reminds everyone what we can do to stay safer while enjoying the water.  As the seals return to the Cape, the ecosystem will come back into balance as the sharks return.  They have been honing their carnivore nature for millions of years.  We cannot change their behavior so we must change ours.  Here are some easy ways to keep SAFER!  If you’d like to buy a T-shirt on Zazzle  click here.

IMG_1121 IMG_1122

For more information and to support research and
educational outreach, checkout this great organization:


The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
in Chatham!

New Years Day hike Picture 2019

My 18th annual New Years Day Hike was wonderful!

August 22: I had a beautiful day here on Herring Cove watching the Marine Mammal Rescue Team of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) release 3 white-sided dolphins who stranded themselves!

Dateline: July 18, 2018

I had the real pleasure to watch these endangered piping plovers at Head of the Meadow beach in Truro.
There is only about 4,000 of them in the world.
Now, 4,000 and 2!

Dateline:  August 1st
Good news the two piping plover chicks are growing and looking healthy!  We tracked a coyote onto the beach but it didn’t find our chicks.  4,000 and 2!  The darker sandpiper is a sanderling and right at the end is a tern.

Dateline:  August 8th-
They made it.  Our two piping plover chicks at Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro have fledged!  Its cute that the siblings still hang out with each other even after the parents have left them to fend for themselves.  4,000 and 2!

Dateline-  August 15th
The two piping plover chicks have fledged!  I could only get quick pictures because they flew away and I did’t want to bother them!  #4,000and2

IMG_2809 piping plover fledged 1 close IMG_2811 piping plover fledged 2 close





I never saw a rabbit in the high dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore in Provincetown until now!  it was even eating dune grass…yum!

Well it finally feels like spring.  I’ve been so busy having fun that I haven’t made a video in a while.  I just saw seven great blue herons fishing on one pond so I thought I’d put up an oldie but goodie on the Great Blues:

Dateline: First Fall weekend in 2017-

I had one of the greatest Nature Nerds weekends! On Saturday, I participated in the Bio Blitz at the Mount Tom Reservation.  It was a dream come true, naturalists from all over the region came to survey all the living organism in the Reservation.  Tom Tyning, the incredible naturalist from Berkshire Community College found a rattlesnake and brought it back for a check-in.  Here is the full feature video of the rattlesnake.    Check out my blog page for some pictures (click here)!
Tom Tyning’s Timber Rattlesnake:

Featured Video- Molly Hale and Ted Watt take us to the Wild World of the Porcupine:

Join naturalists Molly Hale, Ted Watt, and myself in exploring the Wild and Wonderful world of the Porcupine here in Western Massachusetts.  Visit my blog for more pictures!

Featured Short- Tom Gagnon gives us a glimpse of the elusive bobcat:

This is the first in a series of video shorts exploring the wildlife of Western Massachusetts.  With the help of my fellow nature nerd friends, we will focus on the natural history, as well as, how to identify their tracks in the forest, fields, and maybe in your own backyard.  First up, my good friend and fellow nature nerd Tom Gagnon helps me to explore the incredible Bobcat!  Check out my blog posting for pictures.

 Featured Video:  Butterflies of the Bullitt

An incredible Baltimore Checkerspot!
An incredible Baltimore Checkerspot!

There is a little piece of heaven in the hills of Ashfield, Massachusetts.  Its the Bullitt Reservation owned and managed by The Trustees.  Over the course of the summer, my Nature Nerd friends and I visited the fields of this incredible conservation area to chase butterflies, in order to photograph and videotape their spectacular lives.  This is their story.  Below are some pictures that are included in the video.  Click on them to enlarge.

An Eastern Tailed-Blue open
An Eastern Tailed-Blue open
An Eastern Tailed-Blue closed
An Eastern Tailed-Blue closed
You make my heart flutter! Two Great Spangled Fritillary.
You make my heart flutter! Two Great Spangled Fritillary.
A Pearl Crescent
A Pearl Crescent

1 IMG_0660 baltimore bright

Two male American Coppers displaying while a female hangs up-side down
Two male American Coppers displaying while a female hangs up-side down
Very cheeky. Just like last year, he came out and displayed to scare me off...
Very cheeky.He came out and displayed to scare me off…
A red spotted purple
A red spotted purple
Iridescence of a Wood Nymph
Iridescence of a Wood Nymph















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