A Wild Blueberry Preserve

I was expecting tall blueberry bushes when I showed up for a tour of the Benson Place Wild Blueberry Farm in Heath, Mass., sponsored by Valley Land Fund (VLF).  What I saw were beautiful fields of low bush blueberries, only ankle deep!  We may have come for the blueberries but we stayed for views, they were just incredible!  Turkey, blackbear, moose, and coyote share the blueberries with their human visitors, but they don’t have to pay the nominal fee for the berries.  They just come and go as they please.

Dave Gott and Ted Watt, co-owners, gave us the grand tour of the farm they have put into agricultural preservation (in collaboration with Franklin Land Trust and the State of Massachusetts; VLF provided some of the funding).  Their hospitality will keep me coming back for more.  Check out the videos of the history of the farm on Burnt Hill (reaching back to the Native Americans) and how low bush blueberries are actually harvested, as well as some pictures (click on the thumbnails to get a bigger image).  You can visit their website at:  The Benson Place



Some pictures:

Some views of the fields, Ted and Dave, and Indian Hawkweed.

The group, a view of Mt. Greylock, an more views across the fields.

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