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February 23, 2019  Tracking in the Mineral Hills 10-12

Hey Everyone,  I’m leading a tracking hike into the Mineral Hills at the end of February.  We’ll visit the porcupine condo’s and the little vernal pool  that basically saved the whole conservation area from development.  Let’s take a look at what’s moving through the area!  To sign up, click here to go to the Kestrel Land Trust website, they’re the sponsors.


John on stump tracking John tracking

March 9, 2019  Meet the Trees with Michael Wojtech, 9-11

My great friend and fellow Nature Nerd will be teaching how to identify trees in the winter through bark.  Yep, he’s the guy that wrote the book, literally, on identify trees by their bark,  Its called..Bark!

Sign up at Kestrel Land Trust by clicking here!michael-speaking-1024x768

January 1, 2019  18th Annual New Years Day Hike!
Welcome in the new year with a hike at Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area, New Years Day 1-3.
We’ll meet at the North Farms Road in Florence!

Sponsored by Kestrel Land Trust
nd Broad Brook Coalition

A kestrel new year 3

Well, its summer!  A couple of events are going on:

  1.  The opening of my photography exhibit entitled “The Birds and Butterflies of the Bullitt Grasslands will be on Saturday the 1st at 11:00.  Come on up, have some Florence Pie Bar pie and take a walk to the upper meadows.  The exhibit will be up through mid-September.

Reception bookmark



2. On Saturday, July 16th at 10:30, I will be leading a butterfly walk into the Bullitt fields to look for Baltimore Checkerspots and other dangerously beautiful butterflies…

An incredible 
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Baltimore Checkerspot!” width=”150″ height=”150″ /> An incredible Baltimore Checkerspot!

What does an Eastern Tailed-blue, a Baltimore Checkerspot, and a Red Admiral have in common?  Well, they are all incredible butterflies that can be seen at the Trustees’s Bullitt Reservation in July!  Join me on July 16th at 10:30 at the Bullitt Reservation.  We will first look at some archival books on birds and then we will hit the trail in search of our beautiful neighbors.  Sponsored by The Hill Town Land Trust!

An Eastern Tailed-Blue open
An Eastern Tailed-Blue open
An Eastern Tailed-Blue closed
An Eastern Tailed-Blue closed


3. All summer long, I will be working on my lastest Nature Nerds video project:  Bogs of Western Massachusetts.  If you would like to be involved in research and/or narration, let me know!  We’ll be exploring Hawley Bog in Hawley, The Lily Pond Bog in Goshen, and Burt’s Pit Bog in Florence.








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